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Geography Review Games
Continent & Ocean Games
 Other Geography Games
Sheppard Software
 Quizlet - iPad
C & O Game - iPad
 Geoguesser - iPad
United States Review Games
Sheppard Software
Seterra U.S.  
I Like 2 Learn - iPad  
LizardPoint U.S. - iPad  
Eastern States - iPad  
Western States - iPad  
Conquer the States - iPad  
Ameriquake - iPad  
"The" US Game
U.S. Puzzle

 Middle East Games
The Middle East Map Game - iPad
LizardPoint - iPad
  I like 2 learn - iPad
 Trivia Plaza - iPad
North & Central America Games
i like 2 learn North America - iPad
Seterra North America
Great Lakes Game

South America Games

Seterra South America
Sheppard Software
South America Game - iPad

Europe Review Games
Where is that? 
Middle East Water Game! - iPad
 Sheppard Software (level 9 is really hard)
Mid East Capitals Game - iPad
 East Europe - (lizardpoint) - iPad
Sheppard Software
 i like to learn Europe - iPad
"Stan" country map quiz - iPad
 i like to learn East Europe - iPad
Map Quiz Games - Europe 


Africa Games
i like 2 learn Africa - iPad
LizardPoint Africa - iPad
Sheppard Software
Africa Regions
Purpose Games Africa - iPad
Seterra Africa

 Asia Review Games
 South Asia - Sheppard
 South Asia - LizardPoint - iPad
 East Asia - Sheppard
 East Asia - LizardPoint - iPad
Geography Resources
Landmarks around the World
360 Aerial Panoramas
 360 Cities
   Learning about Geography


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